Using A Pilates Band to Tone Up Your Workout

Using A Pilates Band to Tone Up Your Workout

Article by Eddie Lamb

Pilates training has grown in popularity in recent years because it is a workout that can be used to condition the entire body. It is also a fairly portable exercise choice, since many of the exercises can be done without much more equipment than a mat. The Pilates bands (and no, I’m not talking about pop groups!) are the perfect accessory to the portable workout since they are small and lightweight.

However, don’t let their size and simplicity fool you. Pilates bands are effective for light resistance workouts that can greatly improve conditioning and muscle tone. Pilates bands, also known as the Flex-Band or the Thera-Band, are used for other types of fitness programs, but lend themselves extremely well to Pilates for a number of reasons. Pilates bands can help lengthen major muscles and tone and sculpt the entire body, especially the abdominal muscles. They are versatile enough to target areas of the entire body to improve flexibility and joint mobility.

The Convenience Factor of Pilates Bands

Pilates bands are not only small and easy to transport to classes or take with you on vacation; they are also easily available and very inexpensive. Ready-made bands can be purchased for -10, depending on the strength of resistance. The bands come in regular and extra-strength. If you prefer, you can buy a roll of latex and cut it to make your own customized Pilates bands. There are also handles that you can get to tie to the ends of your bands to increase your exercise options.

There are some exercises where you can substitute the bands for other more expensive pieces of Pilates equipment and see the same results. For example, certain exercises that are usually done on the Pilates Reformer can be replicated with the use of the Pilates bands. Not only are you saving money on equipment, you are working with a routine that can go with you anywhere.

The other convenience of using the Pilates bands is that there are many good videos that you can buy to learn how to use them properly. This way you can start your experience with Pilates from the convenience and comfort of your own living room. Once you decide to stick with this program, it is a good idea to meet with a certified Pilates trainer to ensure that you are using the proper positioning for your exercises to maximize benefits and avoid injury.

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