Usefulness of Bikram Yoga

Usefulness of Bikram Yoga

Article by Raj Malhotra

Yoga has been at the heart of the Indian civilization for over thousands of year. The word ‘Yoga’ mean ‘to yoke’ or ‘unite’. A practitioner who practices Yoga regularly merges his/her soul, his/her consciousness with the universal one. This gives the person, the power to look beyond the imperfections, to achieve a state of total happiness. Yoga, over the course of time, has branched out into many forms such as Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Bikram Yoga and more. Each of these yoga forms aim to lead a practitioner to the same divine goal – connecting ones’ spirit with the Cosmic consciousness.

Bikram Yoga is also known as Hot Yoga. Bikram yoga has received worldwide popularity owing to its immense weight loss benefits. Initially, Bikram Yoga branched out from Hatha Yoga and it was founded by Bikram Choudhury and has found millions of popular. Music gives an added effect to the Yoga session. It enables the body to shape up faster and also enables the mind to quieten down. Spirit Voyage, the online music store that offers a range of yoga DVDs and meditation music CDs also offers many Yoga books that help a Bikram Yoga aspirant gather deeper insights on this yoga form.

Bikram Yoga has 26 postures which when practiced in the right sequence enable all the muscles and the tissues, along with the joints and the tendons to achieve optimum health. Each component of the body when it receives a benefit, it not only rejuvenates itself but also passes on the benefit to the other components of the body, thus giving it a thorough work-out. Bikram Yoga is also popularly known as Hot Yoga as it done in a hot room. Bikram Choudhury believes that a warm body is a flexible body. And a flexible body can be shaped easily. Doing Bikram Yoga or any other form of Yoga such as Kundalini Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga should be carried out with proper Yoga clothes. Yoga clothes enable the body to breath and yet carry out the intricate poses. The intense sweat that is created in the body enables it to flush out the toxins. The body must be hydrated throughout the session and also before and after it.

Pranayama is a major component in Bikram Yoga. Through it, one learns to control his/her breath and derive maximum benefits from the session. Meditation is also another major component. Meditation must be done before the Bikram Yoga session to prepare the body for it and also it should be done after the session gets over. The body needs to calm down after the strenuous workout and so does the mind. Listening to meditation music like Into Grace, A Hundred Blessings and Mantras from the Soul will definitely help. The albums have been created by world renowned artistes such as Snatman Kaur, WAH! Guru Amrit Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba and Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa and will invigorate your soul with new energy. While doing both the Yoga and the meditation routine, proper care must be taken as to the place where the session must be carried out.

Proper Yoga mats and meditation rugs are necessary accessories in a yoga routine. The Yoga mats offered by Spirit Voyage enable the body to carry out various intricate poses by offering proper grip. Also, meditation is an altogether a different experience with Yoga mats. The positive energies that are developed during the meditation routine are insulated from the earth’s vibration.

Since ages, yoga and meditation has contributed in a person’s mental and physical well being. With Spirit Voyage yoga DVDs and CDs, rejuvenate your inner self and experience an inner peace. Merge with the Supreme as guide yourself towards gaining a deeper the spiritual insight.

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The author writes for Spirit Voyage, an online music store that offers different CDs and DVDs for practicing kundalini Yoga and other Yoga forms. It also offers Yoga Mats and Yoga Clothes.

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