“Urban Wire” Talkshow Excerpt 12/2011: Reality TV Reviews, Superbowl Talk & More

Excerpt from the “Urban Wire” Internet podcast radio show… VIDEO TABLE OF CONTENTS/HIGHLIGHTS Intro: 0:01-1:50 -X-Factor Commentary (Old News) 1:51-9:48 -HIV Talk–Potential Vaccine; Lady Gaga speaks out; Needles 9:49-16:05 -Iraq War Over/Soldiers Return Home 22:06-29:19 -Yoga/Harry Potter Evil? (Says Catholic Church Excorcist) 29:20-37:45 -Lauren Spiere Update (missing girl from IU campus)/Polygraphs admissible in court? 39:43-48-18 -Deandra goes off/Trouble at K-Mart 48:19-52:45 -Love & Hip-Hop/Reality TV reviews 52:45-1:01:02 -R Kelly STILL “Trapped In The Closet” 1:02:01-1:03:30 -Bishop Eddie Long Steps Down (Temporarily) 1:03:31-1:15:25 -Transgender Injects Fix-it-flat In Woman’s Face/Jacked-up Cosmetic Surguries 1:15:40-1:36:00 -Mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard, claims that crime in Indy has gone down/no racial tension/Superbowl Talk 1:36:01-1:43:20 -Rapper (Slim Duncan) Killed Over Piece of Candy 1:45:05-1:54:00 -2 Men Involved in Killing of 7 year old and her Uncle (Indianapolis News)/Incest/Khia 1:54:01-2:12:12 CHECK US OUT: Full episodes/show schedule/show’s live link: www.blogtalkradio.com/ucofw Youtube: www.youtube.com/ucofw Twitter: www.twitter.com/ucofw Facebook fan page (UCOFW) www.facebook.com Download free episodes from itunes (keyword: ucofw) itunes.apple.com

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