Update. Read description. 15, close to 16.

realitystrength.webs.com Birth date: February, 20 1996. 15 right now in this video. I have not working out lately with weights since i joined the swim team for my school. It is quite a cardiovascular workout itself so i try to not workout as much. I do simple push ups and pull ups at home, and some shoulder exercises with light dumbbells in a circuit. If i was to workout as i did before while swimming i would be sore in the pool and i’d have a lot of problems. So i’ve been working out on my off days (sunday). for swim practice we swim 2 hours a day 6 days a week, it’s brutal, this is my first year swimming, i am improving. If you lift weights and want a very difficult cardio workout learn to swim. swimming does the job for shoulders abs/lower back, upper back and all of your legs from hips to calves. as soon as i am done with my swim season which is in about 1-2 months, i will work out very hard and post more videos of me hitting the weights.

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