Two Easy Ways to Conquer a Weight Loss Plateau

Two Easy Ways to Conquer a Weight Loss Plateau

Article by Andrew Forster

After you begin a new weight loss regime you lose a few pounds quickly and you think how great the plan is until a few weeks later when the scale stands still for more than two weeks and you can’t seem to get anymore weight off. This is usually the result of repetition so now it’s time to make additional changes for a healthier lifestyle. During those first few weeks you may have been following the same menu and the same workouts so your body has become adjusted to this, you need to mix it up and step up the challenges for your body.

Here are two changes to make now:

1. Don’t count calories; instead you should be eating better foods.

When you count calories your are depriving your body too much, the less you eat the slower you metabolic rate becomes, the key isn’t to just cut calories, but to cut the unhealthy foods and replace them with proper nutrition

2. Exercise more.

Exercise greatly increases your metabolic rate to burn the food you’ve eaten for the day but also to begin a calorie deficit to rid stored fat. Exercise is essential to lose weight and you need quite a bit per week to see results. Light exercise here and there is not enough, your body needs to be moving and your heart rate needs to be up, walking is fine one day a week but the others you need a high intensity workout to really burn anything.

To truly lose the weight and venture off your plateau it’s time to kick it up a notch, cure your body’s boredom, and intensity your workouts. If you follow these critical points you will see a difference, the weight will come off again, your body will tone up, and you will feel better because your body is being fueled by the foods it really needs, instead of being deprived and hungry.

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