Two Chakra Exercises For Beginners

Two Chakra Exercises For Beginners

Article by Rin Otori

Chakra Exercises For Beginners

There are many ways to stimulate and strengthen the chakras, they include the use of crystals, yoga, and meditation. In this article, i will address some basic methods that are great for people who are new to the Chakras. One great exercise for balancing all seven of the chakras is to chant the bija mantras. Bija mantras are known as “seed” syllables. Each sound is related to a different chakra. Chanting all seven, will harmonize and bring balance to the entire chakra system.Also, it is a great way to practice deep breathing. The bija mantras all rhyme with “Mom” except for “OM” (rhymes like home), and “All” (rhymes with call).They are:LamVamRamYamHamOm AllIt is important to chant these in the order listed.

1.) Take a deep breath and begin chanting the bija mantras, one after the other, until you finish with “All”. 2.) Take another deep breath and start chanting again from the beginning.3.) Repeat this process at least ten times.Here is a visual exercise 1.) Begin by bringing your attention to your Root Chakra and imagine yourself in a field of red flowers. 2.) Breathe deeply about 10-12 times and focus your attention on the red color of the flowers.3.) Now bring your attention to the Sacral Chakra and visualize the flowers turning orange.4.) Breath deeply on focus on the orange color of the flowers.Repeat this for each chakra color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. If you have done this correctly, all seven of your chakras should be balanced.Read on to learn more Powerful Chakra Exercises I have spent years of intense training trying to develop the skills to properly balance my chakras. Only recently have I achieved the results i was striving for thanks to With the Binaural Audio I downloaded from their site, I was able to balance my mind,body,and spirit so that i could obtain a clearer perception.Also, I acquired a new inner strength and courage to handle any complications life threw at me. The feeling is beyond words to describe, I highly urge everyone to take advantage of Binaural Audio to take your chakra training to a whole other level!

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