Breath is our life force, our connection between the physical and spiritual. The conscious use of the breath, or pranayama, separates yoga from other forms of exercise. Working with the breath will ease you into an asana, and certain types of breathing are said to transmute the creative energies.Pranayama – The Seven Chakras,Pranayama – The Art of Yoga Breathing,Pranayama – What is Yoga Breathing?Pranayama – Importance of Breathing,Pranayama – Traditional Breathing Techniques,Pranayama – Stages of Breathing in Yoga,Pranayama – Arrested and Resting Breath,Pranayama – Techniques to Prolong Pauses,Pranayama – Patterns of Rest,Pranayama – Importance of Exhalation,Pranayama – Safety Guidelines,Pranayama – Prana and the Body,Pranayama – The Seven Chakras The Chakras are the seven main energy centers in the body. They are described as “whirling disks of light”, and each Chakra radiates a specific color and energy. Breathing on the Beach The beach can also be a haven for wellness. Take comfort from your yoga mats and try doing simple breathing exercises that could improve your blood pressure, heart function, and energy next time you hit the beach. Pranayama – Breathing Techniques for Beginners The basic Breathing Exercises and Techniques will form the foundation of your daily Yoga practice. Just make sure that you know the proper way of breathing before doing these exercises. Pranayama – Advanced Breathing Techniques After doing the basic Breathing Techniques properly, you can
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