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bodyADDICTS is Seeking the Best Personal trainers have earned somewhat of a bad reputation over the years, and unfortunately, it’s the good guys who have suffered as a result. There are plenty of certified fitness professionals out there, but for every qualified trainer, there seems to be an imposter offering up his or her services. In fact, you’ve probably seen the ads on Craig’s List or even at private gyms and studios. They use lots of fancy wording, promise results, and perhaps offer fitness training at a fraction of the cost of your local gym. Here’s the thing about personal trainers: You really do get what you pay for. So when people decide to cut costs by opting for a trainer who can’t produce proof of certification or who isn’t affiliated with any sort of recognized fitness organization, they very well may end up wasting their time and money. At bodyADDICTS, we’re taking steps to ensure that the team we build is comprised only of trainers we’re proud to stand behind. We’re not looking for trainers who want to cut corners; we want only the best in the industry, and being the best means having the experience and certification to back up your claims. Remember, just because your best friend cooks up a mean casserole doesn’t mean that he’s a professionally trained chef. The same goes for trainers. It’s easy enough for any old person to wake up one day and decide that he wants to be a personal trainer, but that’s not enough. Being an exceptional trainer requires

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