Try Yoga To Get Rid of Insomnia and Fall Asleep Fast

Try Yoga To Get Rid of Insomnia and Fall Asleep Fast

Article by Dan Connolly

In this busy world where 24 hours is not enough to get everything done, it is not surprising if insomnia strikes us every once in a while. Insomnia, unlike what most people believe, is not a disease but a condition that is characterized by difficulty sleeping or the lack of quality of sleep.

Most who suffer from insomnia find relief in using over-the-counter pills to aid in their sleeping. However, reliance on pills does not solve the problem but instead worsens it. When a person relies too much on sleeping pills, the body’s biological clock becomes confused.

There are other healthier methods to help you quickly fall asleep at night. Exercise is a way to regulate a body’s natural rhythm and metabolism, but if you want to calm your mind and spiritual well-being, this is where Yoga comes in.

Yoga originated in India as a way to worship gods and control the mind and body. Yoga is intended to bring you in a deep and calm state; the beautifully toned body is just one of the wonderful side effects of this discipline.

Yoga is an extremely effective method in managing stress levels and keeping weight at an acceptable level. Anxiety, stress, and other thoughts that keep our brain from functioning even before we sleep. Yoga helps alleviates worries, anxieties, and stress so we can get a restful sleep.

Breathing exercises, the basic of a yoga exercise helps in providing oxygen to all the tissues and organs of our body then detoxifies them. Correct breathing techniques help us relax and promote better sleep.

When performing yoga, breathing exercises are very important. Padmasana and savasana help in calming down our exhausted bodies. Keeping a regular breathing exercise, with padmasana and savasana promotes better sleep at night.

Power yoga and ashtanga should be done at least twice a week and in the morning. Light yoga exercises, on the other hand, should be done before going to bed. Don’t forget to perform breathing exercises to cleanse our thoughts from anxiety, tension, and chaos.

Doing regular yoga exercises not only improves sleep but also adds benefits from self-awareness, and self-regulation — the key factors in maintaining a restful sleep. Yoga also helps you to analyze every action carefully and determine the appropriate steps taken, all in a calm and controlled environment.

When starting Yoga, don’t fall into a misconception that getting an expensive yoga class will get you into the right discipline you need to beat insomnia. Seek the guidance of a professional yoga instructor first, and if you think you can handle yoga yourself, buy an instructional yoga DVD so you can do it in the comfort of your home.

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