Truth Body Fat & Heredity

If you are not in that lucky few “genetically resistant to obesity.” don’t despair. We are going to go over why over 60% and truthfully 75% of us me included are not in that lucky group. Realize you are NOT doomed to live a life of fatness .If you don’t have those “athletic genes” it just means you actually have to work at it. Your diet, eating habits, amount of water, and the condition of your liver all play a role in your weight. Everyone… and I mean everyone can improve their body shape, weight and general health from where it is today. Your body fat is the result of many influences, genetics is really just a very small one of them and as little as 25% in reality. The causes for the other 75% are not genetic/biological in nature. Let’s take a look at what the experts say in current data. (1) physical environment (2) social environment (3) behavior (4) biology Read that again (1) through (4) and reflect for just a minute. Now this means that 75% of your results are lifestyle and behavior. That means you are actually making the choice to be overweight. There are many factors that lead to it, but the truth lies within us. Now this study shows only 25% by biology. According to facts from the last 50 years what we see is this behavior has developed only over the past 50 years. If you look back in history it cannot be explained by changes in our genome.” The people at keep telling you over and over its you’re eating habits, what you put into your body and
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