Triathlon Training For Beginners Top Questions and Answers

Triathlon Training For Beginners Top Questions and Answers

Article by Kerry Sullivan

Do I need a wetsuit? If you’re in a cool climate, like the Pacific Northwest, a wetsuit is recommended. If you’re in a warm climate, you don’t need it to stay warm, but it will certainly make you faster. There is absolutely no crucial need for a wetsuit, and most races don’t require that you wear one.

Should I stretch? Before workouts, we recommend dynamic stretching, like leg swings and arm circles. After workouts, we recommend longer, static stretching, like yoga. Stretching will help elements like your shoulder mobility, your position on the bike, and your comfort during long runs.

Is a road bike OK, or do I need a triathlon bike? While you’ll probably find that it’s easier pedal faster, be more aerodynamic, and run more comfortably when you get off a triathlon bike, it is just fine to start on a road bike. If you do use a road bike, however, try to find some aerobars for it! This will make the eventual switch to a triathlon bike much easier.

How long will it take me to get ready for an Ironman triathlon? Our programs inside the academy range from 25-36 weeks for the Ironman. If you’re fit and you frequently race, 25 weeks is completely possible. If you’re really wanting to achieve a fantastic time, or you’re not experienced at Ironman, closer to 36 weeks is ideal. If you’re a complete couch potato, give yourself at least a year.

How much protein should I eat? Although everyone is different, a good rule of thumb for active individuals is to consume about 20-30% of your daily calorie intake from proteins sources like seeds, nuts, lean dairy, whole grains (if you can handle the gluten), healthy meats (like bison, fish and lamb), and hemp, pea, soy or whey protein powders that are low in additives and preservatives.

While the answers to the questions above are indeed brief, we hope they’ve helped give you some direction for your triathlon training for beginners!

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