Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

Article by Kristy Anderson

Although many facilities have improved access for senior travelers and the handicapped in the united states, that may not be true in other parts of the world. Cruise lines have become popular among seniors in recent years as they are an inclusive vacation experience combining food, entertainment, living quarters, and exotic destinations all rolled into one. Ships have been build specifically to cater to this new market of senior travellers.

Seniors discounts are more readily available these days with discounts on all sorts of things from flights to cruises to train and bus tickets to car rentals and hotels. even retaurants are giving discounts. Most senior citizen discounts are available to anyone who is 62 years old or over. The internet is chocked full of discounts for seniors and they are using it with increasing confidence to find them.

RVing is popular among seniors and its common to see them driving the highways or hanging out in caravan parks with other like-minded seniors. Some longer termers even take on part-time jobs as caravan park helpers. Sometimes seniors will spend their winter months down south in trailer parks. these ones are called snowbirds. Recreational vehicles (rvs) are a lot more manageable these days with a lot of amenities in a more manageable vehicle. This is a popular escape for seniors who long to have some freedom after raising their families.

Adventure travel is a growing segment of the travel industry and seniors are eager to take part. they might not be as nimble as their younger counterparts but they’re willing to give it a go. Walking and cycling are both popular activities that can be done all over the world. popular locations like Scotland and Ireland make walking enjoyable.

A more extreme variation of adventure travel is volunteering on disaster-relief missions to foreign countries, where retired medical personnel can lend a welcome hand. Some seniors have joined the peace corps and have been sent to underdeveloped countries to help build schools and teach in them.

Holidays to study something or learn a new skill are an excellent choice for seniors. Anything you can think of is possible: learn a new language, how to play african drums, go on a yoga retreat, learn to cook thai food, study meditation… you can find whatever interests you anywhere in the world. Learning abroad allows you to make new friends, discover a new country and learn something new all at once!

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Kristy has been a travel agent specializing in seniors travel for 10 years so she knows that holiday insurance for seniors is very important. She strongly recommends travel insurance for over 80 year olds for those who are getting up in age but still want to explore the world.

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