Training in Costa Rica with Dr. Ben Benjamin & Thomas Myers http http Join Tom Myers and Ben Benjamin, leading experts in therapeutic bodywork, to learn two unique, complementary approaches to cervical pain and movement integration in beautiful Costa Rica. Learn. The neck is simultaneously the most primitive and most sophisticated segment of the body. Its delicacy requires gentle and precise work, guided by a clear understanding of the mechanisms of injury. Imagine how much an increased level of skill and knowledge in this area could benefit you and your clients. In this coming year, you have a rare opportunity to receive intensive training on the neck from two leading experts. Teaching together for the first time, Tom Myers and Ben Benjamin share their expertise on neck injury assessment and treatment, with two complementary approaches honed over decades of teaching and practice. From Tom Myers, learn the Anatomy Trains perspective. Many of the Anatomy Trains run through the neck, so work here can be carried by the body’s planes and chains to affect many of the body’s systemsóup to the head and down to the chest, pelvis, and feet. The myofascia of the neck are rich in stretch sensors, which are connected to the eyes, jaw, and the rest of the spine. In this course, youíll learn to assess and access the various layers (and their connections) in both the motor and visceral cylinders of the neck, from the surrounding collar of the SCM-Trapezius to the multifidus and sub-occipital levels. As time
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