Top weight loss exercises: gain a perfect body figure

Top weight loss exercises: gain a perfect body figure

Article by Tania Hackner

Weight loss is a long term process. People can not gain weight in one day; similarly it takes time in losing extra weight. The best way to loose weight is to expend more calories than you are consuming daily. For this you are required to follow balanced diet schedule and exercise. Weight loss exercises assist people greatly in losing weight easily without any harmful effect on body. Particular weight loss exercises can help you loose extra pounds within comparatively minimum time span.

However, generally people do not possess complete knowledge about top weight loss exercises. For better weight loss results you are required to maintain combination of aerobic exercises as well as resistance exercises. Initially do some mild aerobic exercise.

Here is below mentioned some top weight loss exercises:

* For burning abdominal fat you can do bending and shrinking of abdomen muscles. It is the easiest way of burning abdominal fat. This is on of the top weight loss exercises adopted to get rid of the bulk around tummy.

* You can do some variations of chair chin ups, pushups and lunges.

* Strength training exercises like weight lifting or weight resistance exercises are also top weight lose exercises. Through strength exercises you can develop muscle, reduce body fat and maintain bone mass.

* Run or run in place. Initially you can even walk fast or if you find it difficult then start from walking slowly. Gradually increase this intensity.

* Apart from this rope jumping is commonly adopted top exercise for losing weight.

* If you are interested in some sports then you can involve your preferred sport to lose weight.

* Top weight lose exercises varies depending upon the physical conditions and your area of interest. Accordingly you can involve in exercises like bicycling, swimming, dancing, and stepping. According to psychologist it is better to alternate between 2 or more type of top weight lose exercises if you want to get better workout.

Apart from all these top weight loss exercises it is essential to concentrate on your food schedule to achieve the desired results.

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