Top 7 Weight Loss Exercises Myths

Top 7 Weight Loss Exercises Myths

Article by Den Fransen

A lot of myths about weight loss exercises go around. Here are the top 7 of most common misconceptions.

Crunches will lose fat from the bellyDoing a lot of crunches to train the abdominal muscles will get you strong muscles, but won’t give you a nice six-pack. To get a six pack you need to both train the abdominal muscles and lose the fat on your belly. You will not lose fat around the spots you are training.

The more exercise the better.A lot of people think that the more you exercise the better it is for your health. This is not true, if you exercise too much your body is unable to recuperate. When exercising to long, you can also burn you muscle tissue instead of fat tissue. Half an hour exercise a day is good for most people to get and stay fit.

You need to sweat during exercisesIt is not necessary to sweet during exercises to burn fat. You will start sweating whenever your body is not able to lose the heat produced during your exercises. But if you are is a cool room or outside sweating is not necessary for losing the heat.

If you don’t use your muscles it will turn to fat.You muscles can not turn to fat, but if you stop exercising your muscles might shrink a little. If you eat more calories then you burn during a day your body will store it as fat. But more muscle will not produce more fat if you stop exercising.

Low intensity exercises are best for weight lossLow intensity exercises are known to burn more fat then heavy exercises. But for weight loss it doesn’t matter whether you burn fat or carbohydrates, it only matters how much calories you have burned during the day compared to the number of calories you have eaten.

To burn fat you need to exercise on an empty stomach.To burn fat you need to burn more calories then you eat. It doesn’t matter when you exercise or what you have eaten before the exercise as long as you burn more then you eat over the day. Some people don’t like exercising just after they have eaten and prefer to wait two hours.

Wear Sweat Suits to lose more weightTo maximize weight loss during exercises people used to wear a sweat suit. Wearing a seat suit, you will probable sweat more during the exercises, but after you drink water to compensate lost fluids, you have not lost more weight then without the sweat suit.

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