Top 5 yoga poses

Top 5 yoga poses

Article by Robin Chung

Yoga is pretty popular these days and for good reasons. It’s the perfect way to calm down and offers great benefits including a greater flexibility and body control. There’re a lot of great programs out there that offers a combination of poses that will help you in curtain areas of your body. In this article I will share 5 of my favorite and most beneficial poses.5. Child poseThis is a great pose between the asanas and to start every series of poses. It’s not the most physically demanding poses but really helps you to calm down, get into the moment, and get in sync with your breathing. Long inhales and exhales, that’s the key of Yoga, and -understandably- it’s often forgotten by beginners. The Child Pose helps me remember.

4. Warrior 1There’re a few warrior poses in Yoga, but I’m a big fan of the first one. In warrior 1 your chest points forward, whilst in the alternative poses your body remains in one line. For me the great thing about this pose is that it activates the legs and offers a nice twisting motion in the hips area.

3. Cat and the CowA lot of experienced Yoga practitioners may call me crazy on this one, but honestly I love this pose. It’s a relatively easy pose but oh so effective for the back muscles. And let’s face it those muscles get a real beating over an average work day. The pose also helps to calm down and recharge the battery for tough times.

2. Tree pose with eagle armsThe number 2 is actually a combination of poses, one being the tree pose (balance, activation of the legs) but combined with eagle arms (stretch for the shoulders). By combining these two poses your body gains massive benefits for both the upper body and the lower body. It’s pretty challenging and puts quite a lot of pressure on the leg muscles, but it’s worth it. Do this one and it will no doubt wake you up like nothing else.

1. Downdog/standing forward fold Hey wait a minute! Those two can’t be combined? Yes, that’s right. I’ve to be honest I kind of cheated on this but I think these two poses go really well in pairs because you can start in a down dog and jump forward in a standing forward fold. Both poses are amazing for the hamstrings (mine are really tight) and can really wake you up in the morning. My personal favorite and most effective pose, try to implement these into your daily workout!

And that’s my top 5 of most effective Yoga poses. I’ve been doing the exercises for almost four years now, albeit on and off. I think it’s a great addition to the traditional workouts like running and fitness and unlike the other sports mentioned everyone can do Yoga. It can be as easy or hard as you make it to be. Just try to challenge yourself but don’t go over the edge. Listen to your body, that’s the most important thing. Namaste.

Top 5 yoga asanas

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