Top 4 Weight Loss Exercises

Top 4 Weight Loss Exercises

Article by Alisya Meade

All exercise will lead to burning calories, losing fat and weight loss. It is also true however that some exercises will provide better results than others, and some will assist in losing weight at a more rapid pace. The following are the Top 4 weight loss exercises!

1. Walking. This type of exercise may seem too simple to actually be beneficial and to a certain point that is true. Walking for the sake of exercise is different then taking a relaxed stroll through the park. Walking as a weight loss exercise should be done at a pace where your heart rate is elevated and you feel as though you are working your body and your muscles. This can be taken to the next step by adding wrist and ankle weights or even by carrying a back pack with a few small weights inside.

2. Swimming. This exercise is great for anyone who is looking to be active but may have issues with joint pain. Swimming allows you to work your body while it is essentially weightless in the water. Also it is one of those types of exercises that are so relaxing that they seem to do as much good for your mind as they do for your body.

3. Aerobics. This is the most popular choice of weight loss exercise for gym-goers. With routines that are focused on calorie burning, resistance training and cardiovascular endurance you are sure to see significant results with weight loss. Aerobics however are not the most beginner friendly choice and are often only offered in fitness clubs and gyms, which means with all the weight loss benefits come some pretty hefty priced memberships.

4. Sports. The fact that most of us stopped playing organized sports when we were kids doesn’t mean you can’t start up again in an adult league. Most sports consist of many types of weight loss exercises, such as running and jumping. If you are looking for a form of exercise that is a little more involved and social, you may want to revisit the sports of your childhood, you never know; you may enjoy them more the second time around.

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