Top 10 Tips to Losing the Extra Weight

Top 10 Tips to Losing the Extra Weight

Article by Lara Lee

Oh! Please can you tell me how you reduced yourself to this much extent? What tips and techniques you followed? You might have observed an overweight person asking such type of questions from the one who has recently shed some extra pounds. Today I will tell you the top 10 tips of weight reduction. They are simple to follow yet successful at the same time.

First of all be determined! Make a promise to yourself that “Yes! I will lose weight permanently”. The stronger your self-determination is the quicker you will reduce extra pounds.

Second avoid sugars, ice creams, sweets etc. Instead of sugar, use low calorie sugar like canderal etc. It will satisfy your sugar temptation with fewer intakes of calories.

Third do daily brisk walk and light exercise. Wake up early in morning and go to some park for a steady walk of at least 20 minutes. This will make your body active and healthy.

Fourth avoid fried food items. Don’t eat chips, burgers and all the junk foods.

Fifth develop the habit of eating salads with simple dressing. Remember that heavily dressed salads are high in calories and sugar.

Sixth be active in your daily matters. If you can go somewhere on foot then don’t go on car or motorbike. While working if you need relaxation, just leave your chair and take a round of your room. Seventh keep on reminding yourself that you are going to loose weight on permanent basis.

Eighth involve yourself in some physical activity. If you are stuck in 9 to 6 office routine then you can plan your activity on weekends. It can be gardening or washing your car.

Ninth tip is to eat food slowly. Eating slowly gives your mind the time to generate message to your brain for enough food intake. If you will eat in a hurry then you will definitely over eat!

The tenth and the most important tip is to avoid eating meal while watching TV. Studies have shown that majority of people over eat while watching TV.

I hope these tips will prove to be a blessing in disguise for all over weight persons. The road map to a slimmer and healthy look is given. Now it’s up to you whether you follow it or not!

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This article is written by Lara Lee, a prominent writer and editor for Lara specializes in weight loss studies and reviews. For more information on a variety of popular weight loss plans, check out these weight loss reviews.

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