Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Citizens

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Citizens

Article by Adam Strosberg

Experts list ways seniors can improve their lives in 2010!

Hudson County, NJ (January 2010) – Senior citizens can face the New Year with a happier, healthier new outlook if they follow a Top Ten New Year’s Resolution list, say the experts at Senior Helpers, the fastest growing provider of in-home care for seniors.

“We came up with this list of top ten resolutions so seniors can start off the New Year making healthier, smarter choices,” Adam Strosberg, Owner of Senior Helpers in Hudson County. “Often it takes just a few small adjustments to make a big difference in your life. That’s why many seniors and their families hire an in-home caregiver as a personal coach of sorts, to keep seniors active and help them stick to resolutions and stay on a routine with everything from bill paying to medication regulation.”

Senior Helpers’ Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors:

1. Eat snacks rich with nutrients- Instead of grabbing a bag of chips; seniors should reach for fruit, like a banana to help boost potassium to regulate blood pressure or oranges to boost vitamin C and immune levels. Seniors should also eat more nuts, which are cholesterol free and have recommended omega-3 and vitamin E levels, potentially lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Check up on your dental health- seniors often neglect dental health, thinking that brushing their teeth is enough. The accumulation of plaque or calculus (solidified plaque) increases the rate of tooth decay and gum disease. Seniors need a bi-yearly exam because minor teeth issues can lead to big problems for their mouths and wallets.

3. Get out and walk- walking is an easy way for seniors to get low impact exercise that won’t take a toll on their bodies. Seniors should take short walks of about 15-45 minutes 3-5 times per week in their neighborhood or park. Plus, if it’s cold or rainy, seniors can still go to the local mall and walk around. Step aerobics and tai chi are other low-impact exercises that will increase mobility and improve heart function.

4. Take up a hobby- start coloring, painting or sculpting. Seniors should do crossword puzzles or Sudoku. These activities are fun, easy and help stimulate the mind.

5. Make a budget plan- seniors should know how much money they have to spend each week, month and year, especially if they don’t have a current source of income. A budget can keep seniors on track and alleviate money worries.

6. Make sure medications are in order- the New Year is a good time for seniors to check up on current medications. They should check to see if all medications are still necessary and make sure there are no conflicting medications that could cause harm. It’s best to keep all prescriptions at one pharmacy so pharmacists can red flag dangerous drug combinations.

7. Get an energy audit- energy companies will come out at the beginning of the year to talk with seniors about how they can reduce energy costs, and most will do it for little or no fee. It’s important to keep energy costs down while still keeping a consistently healthy home temperature.

8. Bond with friends and family- the holidays are a good time for seniors to get back in touch with friends and family they don’t get to see often. Seniors who spend time with family and friends improve their quality of life because they don’t feel isolated and out of touch.

9. Laugh more- laughing relaxes the body, lets out tension and stress and triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. It also improves the function of the blood vessels and increases blood flow, helping seniors protect against heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

10. Hire an in-home caregiver – seniors or their families often hire an in-home caregiver as a companion or driver to make sure seniors get out, stay social and keep moving. In-home caregivers can come a few hours a week or full-time and help with everything from light housekeeping to grocery shopping. Often, they become seniors’ best friend and part of the family. In-home caregivers can also serve as a sort of life coach to make sure seniors stick to their resolutions.

For more information on the top ten New Year’s resolutions for seniors or to set up an interview with a senior expert, contact the Senior Helpers office in Hudson County, NJ at

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