Tips on how to lose weight quickly

Tips on how to lose weight quickly

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The medical fraternity believes that the optimum methods of losing weight are the processes that aim at reducing surplus body fat within a short span. To reach this purpose, it has been suggested that the ideal weight loss program is the one that roughly works out at one to two pounds a week. This can be attained by minimizing the calorie intake and by consuming lesser quantity of protein rich food which has low calories. Another very constructive way is to enhance the physical activity of the person.

If you are looking for tips on how to lose weight quickly then follow these guidelines:

Diet that has excess calories like biscuits, pastries, delicacies, chicken drumsticks and crackers, etc. should be out of your diet. Food products containing natural fibers such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grain are recommended as it helps in reducing hunger pangs. In view of such nutrition plan, it is believed that a maximum of five meals within a span of 24-hours would achieve the desired result.

Following such guidelines prevent binging on food and keeps the metabolism working efficiently while burning the calories. This also enables food to be digested quickly. This schedule should be coupled with drinking lots of cold water which burns 400 calories daily while 80 calories could be lost daily by drinking green tea.

The ideal advisory on how to lose weight quickly is that the person should mix and balance enhanced physical activity with a reduced calorie intake. Additionally, to attain quick loss of weight, interested individuals are advised to exercise moderately. Physicians suggest light jogging as one of the most time-tested method.

Other forms of standard exercise are climbing stairs instead of elevators, swimming, cycling, brisk walking and aerobics. Such regimen should be followed at least twice a week consistently. Other effective methods include at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise thrice a week.

These exercises have been proven to exhaust body energy and burn surplus calories and a vital aspect of guidelines on how to lose weight quickly. Resistant training such as weight lifting enhances body metabolism. It also significantly assists in burning calories throughout the day while muscle development process continues simultaneously.

Many consider running as the best and proven method of losing weight. However, this can bring result only if the individual can muster the capacity to run at least 20 miles a day if not more as per clinical results. On the other hand, weight training workouts, if performed consistently for an hour each day, has been known to burn calories continuously for the subsequent 48 hours. Physicians have revealed that this methodology burns calories at least three times more than the running regimen.

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