Tips for Yoga Practice

Tips for Yoga Practice

Article by Danica

We have known many benefits of yoga, such as lowering blood pressure and stress levels and plenty in between. But how much do we know about the precautions of yoga tips to avoid injury before preparing for classes, and things to keep in mind during classes? Here are some tips which are considered before practicing:

The best time for yoga is in the morning before breakfast or in the evening- 18:00-20:00. During this time, the temperature in body is high so that muscles is the highest flexible which help you endure the continuous games with more relative ease. After all, no matter when you practice, be sure that don’t practice yoga after one hour after or before having a meal and try to avoid practicing after two hours after eating which ensure you empty your bowels and bladder. Suggestions to practice in different time: in the morning: more ASANA practice; at noon: more Ponda practice; in the evening: more practice of Meditatio.

It’s best to wear clothing that is loose and comfortable, which can make you move easily. Meantime, it’s better to be barefoot, if you feel too cold, wear cotton socks.

Don’t practice on the too hard floor or on the soft bed. Practice should be in on a mat. Never let your feet slip.

Find places being quite. If you practice in the room, be sure there is no furniture hindrance which may cause accidents. The temperature indoor should be comfortable. Without any interference from the outside.

Taking a surgery before a half year should not do highly difficult practice. High blood pressure, asthma patients and pregnant women only can do simple actions. If you have something wrong with your health, be sure to tell your instructor so that they can tell you how to alter the poses to avoid making things much worse.

Don’t do the highly difficult movement at the beginning. The poses are done in sequence for a reason.

Don’t laugh or speak loudly during practicing. Focus on breathing. Keep a regular deep breathing. This action can help you relax.

Whatever you do, don’t force yourself to do something beyond your ability. Consider your own pliable quality and balance.

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