Tips for Smooth Melbourne Moving

Tips for Smooth Melbourne Moving

Article by Redx Transport

Do have two checklists made for smooth Melbourne moving: One for before moving and one checklist that’d help you to settle down soon after you have moved.

Don’t forget to keep shipment tracking/registration numberCarry the note containing shipment registration or tracking number along with you even after you have moved to call the moving company should you have questions concerning the consignment.

Have bed and kitchen ready the first day you’ve movedTo have essentials ready soon after you have moved, designate a box or two (with appropriate labeling) for bedspreads and towels and immediate kitchen items so that you will never have to rummage through the shipment boxes the first day in your new home.

What about your refrigerator items?You’d have cleaned the fridge thoroughly to have it moved but to keep it smell fresh and good don’t ignore to keep some baking soda or charcoal in a nylon bag and keep it inside the fridge so that the insides would smell fresh.

Never pack off the phone diaryCarry the phone diary with you and don’t pack it in the boxes. If your phone book is too big for your pocket have the important numbers written in a smaller book and carry it along with you.

Heavy and light luggageAlways pack the heavier things in smaller boxes and the lighter things in bigger boxes.

Give your phone number to the van driver and take his numberBefore the truck leaves to your new destination take phone number of the driver and give him yours. It isn’t bad idea to give alternate numbers (that of your wife’s or son’s or daughter’s) just in case your number cannot be reached.

Have the fragile items and the precious ones packed separatelyInform the Melbourne removalists about the extra care they need to give for the precious and/or fragile items that will be moved. Let them have these packed separately with protective packing material so that they are moved safe.

Important recordsIt is recommended that you carry with you all the important documents such as bank account books, insurance papers and home documents.

Immediate essentialsSuch as the car and home tool kit, kitchen and toilet tissues, soap and detergent liquids, immediate snacks, a flashlight, use and throw plates and cups, few utensils are things that you can carry along with you instead of sending them with the rest of the luggage, or you can at least have these packed in a separate box labeled ‘immediate essentials’ and have them loaded last in the truck (they’d be the ones unloaded first).

Help your petIf you own a pet, it’s your responsibility to keep it at ease when the Melbourne removalists will be at work. Still better leave him/her at a friend who can take good care of your pet during the entire removal exercise.

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