Tips for Senior Golfers – Increase Your Distance

Tips for Senior Golfers – Increase Your Distance

Article by Liz Canham

Senior golfers sometimes lose their distance because they haven’t adjusted their stance and equipment to meet their changing fitness. That can be easily rectified and you never have to stop playing golf, just make a few changes. For seniors, golf is one of the most popular outdoor games you can participate in without injury so follow these tips to maintain or increase your distance.

Inevitably, your body will change as you become older but that’s no reason not to stay fit. You don’t have to run ten miles, just do some strengthening exercises and flexibility training. This is particularly necessary for your back and shoulders so that you can maintain that swing and for the legs too. If you’re particularly keen, some light weight lifting will help you to sustain strength in your upper body which will also help your swing and distance. Fitness is also needed to walk the length of that golf course as you may not be able to get a cart every time.

The right clubs are also vital for the senior golfer if you want to increase your distance. Even the pros change their clubs as they get older. You might want to look for drivers with more flex in the shaft which will surely give you distance. If you’re only just beginning to play golf, then a few lessons from your club pro will stand you in good stead and you can pick up some techniques that the pros use. You can also get in some practice on the driving range.

If you have changed your clubs for more flex, don’t forget that you may need to change your stance as well. The extra flexibility in the club shaft may alter the way that the club approaches the ball. The club face needs to be flat on to the ball to connect properly, so you may need to just stand slightly different as you address the ball. Have a few practices with your new clubs before you take to the golf course in anger.

The correct shoes are also important. You will be walking very long distances and you don’t want to end up with blisters but not only that, if your shoes don’t fit properly and aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to stand correctly when addressing the ball.

Senior golfers really enjoy their game, even if they’re just beginning. With fair weather, it’s a lovely way to spend time outdoors with friends. So, get the right clubs, the right shoes and keep your body fit and you will be able to get the best out of the game and increase your distance.

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Liz Canham has picked up many tips from her golfing friends, all of whom are now senior golfers, so for more insights click here.

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