Tips for Regaining your Fitness Levels after Pregnancy

Tips for Regaining your Fitness Levels after Pregnancy

Article by Kya Grace

Now that your little one is born, you discover yourself with a soggy tummy with a few extra pounds here and there and a whole new bunch of stretch marks! And when you look at yourself in mirror you find no signs of getting you pre- pregnancy figure back and you get all the more depressed. Do not fret. With some regular exercises and dedication you can get back your old flat tummy.

Here are some simple ways and exercises that will help you lose post-natal weight but this should always be done under the supervision and consultation of your doctor.

1. Sip 10-12 glasses of water-Substitute high sugar beverages such as sodas and juices with some water and a pinch of fresh lemon. You could also try flavored club soda water which has no calories. This way you can cut down on calories.

2. Eat healthy snacks and dry fruits such as nutritional biscuits, popcorn, almonds, and nuts. Once in a while you may indulge yourself in extra cheese burgers and French fries with mayonnaise but remember healthy diet is key to get back our pre-pregnancy figure. Have green salads and fresh fruits every day.

3. Start your day with light exercises-Take a 10- 15 minute stroll in a garden with your newborn every day and slowly start to increase the time. You might take time to lose weight but sooner you will feel the change.

4. Exercises – Hiring a personal instructor is a good option for losing post-pregnancy weight because the personal instructors can suggest some great and innovative post natal exercises to lose fat from your soggy belly. But if you are little apprehensive about going to a gym then you can always indulge yourself into some simple home exercises like dancing, pilates or light aerobics. Or another option would be yoga. Yoga is good during pre and post pregnancy. But be little careful. Do not strain or over exert yourself.

5. Breast feeding is a natural way to lose weight-Women who can breastfeed their baby are expected to lose about 0.5 to 1 kg every month because the lactation burns about 3500 calories for each day, while your daily intake is much lower than this. So you actually end up burning more calories than you are consuming. Therefore it is advised not to reduce weight rapidly if you are breastfeeding.

So if you follow these simple tips regularly you can achieve your dream figure and at the same time you can stay fit. It’s easy to get tensed and stressed out about losing weight during post pregnancy but you should always remember that there is no easy way to lose post- pregnancy weight. But with simple exercises and dedication you can shed away those extra pounds.But all you need to do is give yourself some time and enjoy your every moment with your baby.

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