Tips For Including Exercise In Your Diet Program

Tips For Including Exercise In Your Diet Program

Article by Deborah Prosser

Exercise should be an important part of your diet and fitness program. Proper exercise will not only burn excess calories and fat, it will speed up the process to help you get in shape.

The Two Types of Exercise

Aerobic and anaerobic are the two categories of exercise that you can perform. Anaerobic exercise, like weight training, refers to the type of exercise wherein you use oxygen, and burning fat is your primary source of energy. Anaerobic exercise such as walking and running, relies instead on sugar, drawing most of the energy it requires from carbohydrate stores in the body. Both types of exercise are good for you and should be part of your over-all program.

How Hard to Work Out?

Although it is usually believed that you have to perform heavy exercise in order to obtain results, this is not so, – fat will be burned regardless of the intensity of the exercise. This means that even light exercise can burn fat. Light exercise is able to eliminate the lactic acid (a “toxin” produced by your body) from your muscles, triggering the process of cell regeneration. It is essential that you follow a couple of guidelines while you exercise:

1. Anaerobic Exercise

Remember to take deep breaths as you exercise. Breathe in, inhaling through your nose and taking the air all the way into your stomach, holding it there for a few seconds and then exhaling through the mouth. Usually, we try to breathe out as we exert effort on the lifting motion, and breathe in as we lower the weight.

2. Aerobic Exercise

You must exercise according to your comfort level. Exercising should make you a little uncomfortable, but not to the point that you experience pain. An adequate level is that of a little more than half of your maximum physical capacity; say a level of 7 out of 10. You should still be able to talk normally as you exercise. Exercise lightly for about 45 minutes a day and you will notice a definite increase in your energy level.

3. Finding The Time

Don’t use your busy schedule as an excuse not to exercise. If you are really serious about getting fit and healthy, you will find the time to work out. You can wake up an hour earlier than usual and use that time to exercise. Your lunch break is also a good time. A great help is to find a friend who is also getting into regular exercise.

4. The Benefits

– Any kind of exercise will do wonders for your heart and lungs, as well as improve your circulatory and respiratory systems. Numerous studies have shown that exercise is beneficial to health and can help prevent the onset of many diseases. – If you are on a diet, exercise (both aerobic and anaerobic) is a great way to burn calories and keep your weight down. It also allows you to consume a little more food without necessarily putting on extra pounds. – Regular exercise will help you increase your productivity and you’ll find yourself accomplishing things much faster.A sedentary way of life induces a feeling of tiredness. With regular exercise, your blood flow will improve and you’ll find yourself more energetic than before. Exercise is even more important if your job entails sitting down all day long. Many people work at a desk all day and then go home and watch TV in the evening! Over time this will be really detrimental to your overall health.

Each day then, devote some of your time to performing exercise. You’ll soon discover that your health and appearance are better than ever.

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