Tinnitus Home Remedies

Tinnitus Home Remedies

Article by Reyna Flor Nadera

Nearly 50 million people today in the United States suffer from tinnitus or ringing in the ears. This ringing in the ears is more bothersome for most and is rarely a very serious problem. It is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying condition and will usually fade away on its own.

A very likey cause of ringing in the ears is damage to the inner ear; this is something that is seen a lot as our bodies age. Repeated listening to loud noises or music can very easily damage the hearing and cause tinnitus. There are some diseases of the inner ear as well as some medications that can cause of the ringing in the ears.

Many times a doctor can find the cause of the ringing and be able to treat it successfully. It is important to understand it, the causes and the treated of it. There are many things that may be causing the ringing and there are so many different types of treatments. Most times, there is no one treatment and it will go away on its own. Many drugs have been used for treatment, but with no success. There are many tinnitus home remedies that many help to alleviate or lessen the ringing.

Avoid sugar, salt, dairy products, processed foods and saturated fat. These will aggravate the condition and even make it worse. Tea, coffee, sweets and refined alcohol lowers the body’s blood sugar and low blood sugar will lead to the ringing. You should try to eat plenty of fresh and raw vegetables and fruits, have a diet rich in protein as well as vitamin A, B, E, zinc and choline.

High levels of stress can be a big cause for the ringing. To keep the ringing to a minimum, it is important to control stress levels in your life. Deep and slow breathing is one very safe and easy way to ease tension and stress. This can be achieved through yoga, self-hypnosis and mediation. These techniques help the body to relax and reduce stress.

Exercising increases the blood flow to the ears which in turn will help to stop or reduce the ringing in the ears. Physical activity also cleanses the body and brings it back into balance while at the same time relieves stress.

Ringing in the ears is a very common compliant among many people. There are many tinnitus home remedies and treatments help alleviate and lessen the condition. With Tinnitus being so common today, it is very easy to learn and understand it to be able to prevent and treat it. Many chose the option of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications but it can also be lessened with home remedies. From changing your diet to learning how to manage stress, you may be able to cure it forever.

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