Three Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Three Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Article by Yossi Callomiti

The sheer amount of information out there can make your search extremely confusing to the seemingly simple question: how to lose my belly fat? This article aims to cut through a lot of the hype out there by listing a few but highly critical tips to lose belly fat:

1) Reduce stress in your life: This is one you may not have heard before, but is actually extremely vital, and relates to stopping stomach fat at its source, which is the hormone cortisol. I don’t mean physical stress only. When the body is under stress, it activates its intrinsic “fight or flight response”. While this mechanism might have been extremely useful when humans were living in the forest as hunter gatherers, it can only lead to health problems in our modern society. Excess levels of cortisol, as well as increased fat around the abdominal area, as well as increased insulin levels, contributing to increased risk of developing diabetes. While reducing stress in your life will not reduce your overall weight, it will reduce the tendency of fat to cluster around your belly, which represents the most dangerous kind of fat. 2) Reduce the total cost of body fat: Of course, no matter how you stress practice, if your basic level of body fat is too high, there is no substitute for aerobics and diet for his lower body fat composition. Replacing fat cells with lean muscle cells through a targeted program of aerobics and light strength training is a surefire (but not necessarily easy) method to lose belly fat. Since fat cells are pro-inflammatory compared to lean muscle, and that leads to chronic inflammation in a vicious circle of increased production of cortisol, a result the percentage of body fat composition is important to lose belly fat.

3) Eat smaller portions at dinner: The final of these tips to lose belly fat is about simple scheduling. If you therefore consume most of your calories in the evening, and fail to engage in any meaningful activity afterwards in which to raise the metabolism and burn off those calories, all those extra pounds will go straight to fat storage, especially if you eat right before bed.

A warnings about sit-ups: Although there are by far the most common lose belly fat exercises, be careful with excessively relying on sit-ups or crunches. All you will have achieved is building up ab muscle, however it will still be hidden by a layer of fat.

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