This One Weight Loss Tip can Change Your Life: Escape Mindless Eating NOW!

This One Weight Loss Tip can Change Your Life: Escape Mindless Eating NOW!

Article by Cari Corbet-Owen from

Mindless eating packs on the pounds. Every found yourself looking at that cookie package wondering how it got to be empty and in your hand? Ever gone downstairs to feed a hungry kitty, only to find yourself at the refrigerator heading down the stairs after everyone else has gone to bed only to land up in front of the fridge eating mindlessly? Ever wondered about just how many calories you consume without really thinking about it? Now’s the time to end all that.

Think about it – aren’t there certain places that are just conducive to mindless eating? I know that my private binge bar used to be my car. A perfect place because it screened others out and myself (and my food stash) in. It gave me a perfect private space: traffic lights to provide the perfect eating opportunity, a radio to give me a beat to eat too, a seat to hide wrappers under. Heaven knows how many pounds I packed on just in my car.

If your car is your binge bar too – time to clean it out. NOW. Take out ever wrapper you can find, vacuum and give your car a really good clean. It’s a way of putting yourself on notice: out with that old self-defeating habit, and in with the new. You can’t focus on really enjoying your food when you’ve got half your focus on the road and the other half wondering whether that guy next to you at the traffic light is watching you scarf it down.

Another place famous for mindless eating is watching TV. You know, ‘Desperate Housewives’ finds you sitting there, glued to the screen with your hand going from chip packet to mouth, in an automatic motion. At the end you really couldn’t tell me what it tasted like, although you’d probably be sure to tell me you enjoyed it.

Next is that computer…. have a quick look at your keyboard – does it have crumbs and grubbiness from food? I know, it’s kinda tricky to eat and type, but it’s amazing how many people manage to multi-task with a few finger-licks in between.

Take ‘post-it’s’ and past one on your TV screen, one of your computer screen and one of your fridge/food cupboard too and on it write: “I love you enough not to eat mindlessly.” This is your reminder to make more self-loving choices: choices ‘for’ your health, rather than choices that shoot you and your body in the proverbial foot.

Do you want to overcome mindless eating for good? Just doing this has probably been the single biggest weight loss secret I’ve discovered. For a fabulous exercise to help you do this, click on the link to the ditch diets live light website below.

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Cari is an ex-anorexic, ex-diet-aholic and also a Clinical Psychologist, author of two books, and regular contributor to magazines, TV and radio. To escape mindless eating, sign up for Cari’s complimentary weight loss tips here.

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