Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Sixth (Ajna) chakra energy: ELEMENT: Light. Pay attention to the amount of light in your home and adjust it for your needs. Less light brings coziness; more lifts dark moods. Spend a few minutes paying attention to sunlight through trees. See if you can tell how colors look different under different lighting. SOUND: Waves crashing on the rock. Go to the ocean during storm season. Listen. Choose a recording of thunderstorms or crashing waves to listen to during meditation. COLOR: Indigo. Use this variation of blue/purple in your wardrobe or your home decor to remind yourself of your intention to improve your mental clarity. Burn indigo candles and meditate on the flame. EXERCISE: Yoga headstands. Eye strengthening exercises, as in looking at an internal clock face, holding your eyes a couple seconds at each number. Keep a dream journal, writing in it first thing each morning. Join a dream study group. Take a class in something you’ve had difficulty understanding. Imagine yourself succeeding. Imagine yourself holding beliefs that are counter to what you currently believe, and how your life would be different. INCENSE FOR BURNING: Anise, saffron GEMSTONES: Lapis lazuli, quartz
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