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Have you wondered why some weight loss programs just would not work for you? It is because our body can respond differently towards strenuous activities. Some of us may be accustomed to strenuous work, so light exercises could only do as much as to improve our circulation, but not to the point of inducing weight loss. On the other hand some of us who are used to doing light activities will find it easy tol ose weight even by just following a light weight loss program. However, despite of these differences, there are still some keys that can guide you if you want to lose weight without compromising your health. It is important to know this stuff so you can get going and lose weight fast.First: go for the good foods. Say no to the bad foods which come in the form of processed meat, and other foods that are loaded with preservatives. Some foods do have healthier thus better alternatives, and you will find it surprising that the taste would not even differ that much. Instead of white and refined bread, you can now go for the whole-wheat, multi-grain bread. Instead of whole wheat pasta, you can go for pasta made from refined flour. These foods enable your digestive system to easily digest and absorb these foods, and therefore it passes out of your system quickly. Aside from above, another suggestion is going for baked, boiled or grilled foods sprinkled with lemon to remove carcinogenic materials, instead of the usual fried menu. This will help you avoid cholesterol and therefore, avoid weight gain.Second: select your specific and personal exercise program. If you find yourself uncomfortable with jogging, then go for alternatives. Swimming is an exercise that will actually help you lose weight in a short period without you feeling that you are actually losing it. Light aerobics as well as yoga are also good alternatives, helping your body get its jumpstart so you can move forward onto strenuous exercises. These strenuous exercises will then help you keep weight gain away, and help you build those sexy muscles.Third: share your goal with your family and your friends. Mental support is very essential for you to achieve your goal. Your family and your friends can be motivators that can remind you every now and then of your main objective, and they will help you keep track of yourself. You will be surprised at how much they can do to keep you off fatty foods and other unhealthy stuff! These people will help you go through the initial stage of your program, which can prove to be the hardest part.Last but not the least: do not overdo it. At first you will find yourself wanting to lose weight as quickly as possible. But this however will compromise your health. Lose weight, but do not go to the extent of impairing your immune system (because you of fatigue and too much cutting down on food). Accomplish your goal step by step, taking it slowly. Take note: never compromise your health. Or else you will find yourself gaining weight due to being sedentary on a hospital bed!

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