‘They ARE going to stare at you’: Plus-size yoga teacher urges curvy women to fight skinny ..

‘They ARE going to gaze at you’: Plus-size yoga instructor prompts curvy females to combat skinny stereotypes and accept the yogi way of life no matter what their shape or size
Not incredibly skinny? No issue. One North Carolina female desires individuals of all sizes and shapes to understand that they can still reap the benefits of doing yoga.

Jessamyn Stanley, 27, acknowledges that she doesn’t have the typical body type a lot of people might visualize when they consider a yoga instructor – but that does not stop her. Rather, she says, it makes her even more distinct.

And now, having accumulated such a strong following on social media, Jessamyn desires to empower others who may not have waifish bodies to do the same, using up the versatile exercise practice and asking themselves, ‘How do I feel?’ rather of: ‘How do I look?’

While she is now a qualified yoga instructor, Jessamyn wasn’t constantly so crazy about the yogi lifestyle. When her auntie first introduced her to Bikram yoga, sometimes called hot yoga, as a high school trainee, the dissatisfied teenager disliked it – and became exactly what she explains on her website as ‘staunchly anti-yoga’.

But things changed when she went on to graduate school, where a friend convinced her to make the most of a Groupon offer that afforded her one-month access to another Bikram yoga studio.

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