The Worst Mistakes You Can Do To Your Weight Loss Program

The Worst Mistakes You Can Do To Your Weight Loss Program

Article by Janet Martin

Weight loss is a long process that can even take a lifetime to do. Some people claim it is easy to lose unwanted pounds. Though for many, the idea can be the same as going atop Mt. Everest bare-naked. But more than the weight loss program itself, certain blunders in your habits or lifestyle can cost you your appearance and overall health.

So here are the worst mistakes that you can commit as you try to lose weight. Try to avoid these if you want to succeed in your weight goals.

Uncontrolled Curiosity of Numbers on the Scale

Many people who have decided to lose weight can be very nosy about how much they weigh. This may sound natural since your weight loss progress is something that you should keep on monitoring. But looking at the weighing scale every hour on the hour can be counterproductive more than you can imagine.

Looking at the scale often can lead to decreased motivation. There will be days when you will find that your weight level did not decrease at all, despite your religious obedience to your weight loss regimen. And you may find this very discouraging, thinking that you have no chance at really looking great, before you know it you’re back in your old fattening habits.

Experts suggest that you check on your weight only once every week. And even if you see that the numbers on the scale are not going your way, do not be disheartened. When losing weight, know that the body may build up more muscles so you gain instead of lose pounds. There are also times when your weight loss will be in a much slower pace than when you started out. Remember, it’s all natural so don’t worry.

Crash Dieting

While it’s true that some very famous Hollywood stars choose to starve and deprive themselves of the nutritional benefits of food in order for them to look great on camera, crash dieting may not be the best way to lose weight. As a matter of fact, it is the worst mistake that you can subject your body to.

You see, the human body has its own mechanisms aimed at prolonging one’s life. Your body can switch to self-preservation mode whenever it feels that environmental elements are not going in its favor. You can call it evolution or instincts, but whenever you skip meals, or go on a hunger strike, your body will try to delay metabolism, thinking that there is a famine or scarcity of food. A slower metabolism will make it difficult for you to lose weight and can even ruin your overall health in the long run.

Neglecting the Importance of Physical Activity

Weight loss can not be achieved merely by focusing on the things that you put or not put in your mouth. You should also do regular exercise or increase physical activities to hasten your weight loss. Exercise helps make your heart, muscles and bones become stronger. Moreover, without proper exercise, your diet may result to ugly folds on your skin. So never underestimate the power of increased physical activities in your weight loss program.

Getting Back to Old Eating Habits

Losing weight is a full time job. There is no such thing as a weight loss holiday. While some doctors believe that you should not deprive your self of the things you enjoy, certain habits that you enjoy can be detrimental to your weight and overall health.

For instance, after seeing that your weight has dropped several pounds, you might decide to drink sodas, coffee and other beverages that contain a lot of calories. This can unexpectedly lead you back to square one. Instead of going back to old habits, you can always find new alternatives that do not run against your goals. In your case, rather than gulping down carbonated colas, you can always opt for a glass of water.

In the end, it all boils down to motivation. You can keep your self motivated by jumpstarting your regimen with natural; weight loss products that can improve your metabolism, just like Phenocal. For more details, click on to

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