The Wizards Treeing Exercise

Whilst I am not sure whether Gandalf, Dumbledore and Merlin practiced this particular visualization technique, they may have. The Wizards Treeing Exercise presents the meditative aspect of Treeing – How Wizards Connect To The Universe. With practice, the act of Treeing will become second nature, those that already practice meditation or other forms of inner energy control such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga will find that Treeing is a more profound method of joining your energies with the Earth and the Divine. Once accomplished you will discover that with practice your Treeing retains its connection to the Earth and the Universe wherever you are and you will be able to know that your Tree exists at all time, drawing in the golden energy of the Universe. Written by Stanley Stewart, Master Wizard, Wayfinders Association of Modern Wizardry ( ) More details at my Blog The Dance Of Life here ( ) As The Voice of The Guardian Of The Tree, John Cornwall, of World Tree Music ( ) Acting Guardian Of The Tree, Free Sky Republic. Filmed at Welsh Rainbow, many thanks to June Clavenham, Also thanks to Sliver Gray for the Dryad Avatar Nefroth, And to Emma Fargis for providing The Guardian of the Tree outfit ‘Gregor’. Soundtrack created with sounds effect samples from Freesound ( ) Singing Bowls, Emperor Gong, WoodWarbler and Pheasant alarm, Authors include; acclivity, olivier 8064, Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1

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