The Three Key to Losing Weight (weight loss, exercise, multivitamin and whey protein)

The Three Key to Losing Weight (weight loss, exercise, multivitamin and whey protein)

Article by Gerald Fitz

Everyone who has ever watched TV has seen infomercials. These programs that can be as short as thirty seconds, or as long as a half an hour, which tell us the amazing features and benefits of products that we simply must have. A common theme of infomercials are amazing weight loss programs. People come on the programs that were once as large as killer whales, who have lost hundreds of pounds, and show us there mammoth old blue jeans. “This is the program that gave me results,” is a familiar catch phrase from these testimonials. Simple logic would tell us, if it worked for them then it will work for me. Yet, studies have shown that infomercial diets don’t produce results, and surprisingly will actually lead in most cases to increased weight gain. The problem is weight loss takes work, and commitment. No simple twenty minute program alone will give anyone the true results that they want. When trying to make weight loss goals and creating programs for yourself there are three important core principles to consider.

Nutrition – In the fight against weight loss nutrition is the key element to winning the war. A person can exercise like a fanatic, but they won’t see results until they control their diet. When constructing a diet for weight loss you shouldn’t think of it as a diet. A short term change of eating that will end once you reach a desired weight. Diets have a low success rate, because people usually put back on the weight they lost when they go back to their old eating habits. The better solution is to construct a meal schedule that will provide a change in the overall eating habits. Help yourself to make smart meal decisions. Learn how to prepare healthy foods. Find meals that are delicious, filling, and healthy. It will take a little time, but through a change in diet will come the biggest weight loss rewards.

Exercise – While nutrition is important, exercise will speed the weight loss process up considerably. The best way to lose weight is to have your body burning the most calories possible. Through the creation of lean muscle the body is burning large amounts of calories. Even when you are sleeping or just idle your body will still be hard at work crunching calories and creating lean muscle. The best way to create lean muscle is to have a good weight training program. Cardiovascular exercise is important, and will help to strengthen the heart. Yet, a good mixture of cardio exercise and weight training will burn the most calories and give maximum results.

Vitamins and Supplements – Through a healthy eating plan, and increased exercise people will start to see weight loss results. Vitamins and supplements are a way to help boast the effectiveness of you nutritional and workout plans. No matter how good a dietary plan is there will always be some elements missing from it, which your body will require to function correctly. A good multivitamin will help to keep your body running in top form, and will prevent illnesses which could hamper weight loss goals. Whey Protein is another valuable tool in weight loss. Protein is the building block of lean muscle. Adding more protein to your diet will allow your body to build more lean muscle, which will lead to more overall weight loss. Whey protein is dairy based so it is easy to digest, and it contains a higher percentage of protein than soy based mixtures. Supplementing your diet with good multivitamins and whey protein will fill in the gaps in your diet. It will also boast the calories that your body is burning.

Weight loss is possible. It is important to find a program that will work for your schedule. That program should include the major elements of nutrition, exercise, and vitamins and supplements. Through these principles you can reach your weight loss goals.

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