The Secrets To Successful Weight Loss

The Secrets To Successful Weight Loss

Article by Sony Eguabor

The secrets to losing weight successfully and permanently start from the mind. You have to change the way you look at food and watch what you consume. Your mind set has to be tuned to accept the fact that your body is just like a machine which stores excess as fats when it is not properly fueled. Most lose weight only to gain it back with an added ten pounds or more, and there are those who try every diet but never see any significant result on the scale.Here are the secrets to a successful and permanent weight loss program.Secret # 1The first step to successful weight loss is to visit your Doctor for a complete physical examination. Your Doctor has to make sure you are certified fit of any ailments that influences weight gain e.g. Diabetes and any related diseases. She/he has to be sure that all the Hormones that also influences weight loss/gain – estrogen, Insulin, tyrosine, testosterone and cortisol are all within the normal range. It is when your body system is working fine internally that you can maintain any dietary plans you’ve chosen.After this is achieved, the next place to visit is your Dietician who will tell you what you should eat and what you should not eat. Your dietician will design dietary plans for you. No weight program will be successful if there is no change in your diet and this has to be introduced gradually. I prefer you go for an easy to prepare diet rather than a complicated diet that takes too much time and money to prepare.Secret # 2Increased body’s basal metabolic rate is another secret to successful weight loss. Basal metabolic rate is the minimum energy required by the body to function. So having a high basal metabolic rate leads to continues burning of fats even when we are inactive.Increase basal metabolic rate can be achieved either by Cardio-exercises which increase our body’s need for Oxygen or by building muscle. By building muscles, our Body will be forced to feed them with energy in order to maintain it. You can also lose weight successfully by eating foods that help burn fats, like complex carbohydrate, certain kinds of fats and protein. Fat burning foods always raise the metabolic rate, so you burn fat continuously. Complex carbohydrate and foods with a high glycemic index release glucose gradually into the bloodstream. This minimizes fat storage. Fats like fish oils and coconut oil have been found to help raise metabolism.Secret # 3Since we are training our body not to store excess fats. We should make sure that the food supply to the body is steady and constant. That means eating regularly, so that the body gets use to it. Try to eat 5 small meals per day instead of the usual 3 heavy meals. This way the body will find no reason to store up excess fats. Have your last meal of the day not later than 7.00pm and avoid bed time or midnight snacks.Secret # 4Motivation can be a very powerful source of encouragement for someone who wants to lose weight. It is advisable to join support group that can motivate you or call you when you feel lazy on some days. You can even share recipe together. Having support team works very well for those fighting food cravings because at times the cravings seems to be taking over.Secret # 5There is always a plateau period in any weight loss program where the initial weight loss comes easy, and then you seem to be fixed at a certain weight for a period of time. This is the most trying period for weight losers and this is where you have to exercise more and really watch you eat .Researches have shown that it is more difficult to lose weight when you’re nearing your ideal weight. Here PERSISENCY is the key.Secret # 6 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the true secret of successful and permanent weight loss. Exercise well, eat right, sleep right, live right and you’ll be on the path to achieving your goal.Secret #7Always try to have enough sleep every night. Sleep deprivation leads to increased cravings for food as there are hormones at play when this happens. Not getting enough sleep also makes it difficult to stick to your exercise and diet routine.Secret # 8Avoid eating out frequently. Restaurant is a sure-fire way to sabotage your weight programs because most of the food on the menu is high in fat and calories. If you really want to stay on top of your weight, step always on your scale. This will help you to monitor whether you’re gaining or losing weight.By knowing and practicing these secrets to successful weight loss and adding a little bit of diligence and persistence into your attitude, you’ll eventually lose those extra pounds with ease.

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