The Perfect Golf Swing- 4 Essential Tips For Improving Balance

The Perfect Golf Swing- 4 Essential Tips For Improving Balance

Article by Michael Hutchins

First and foremost, simply because your stance is correct, it does not automatically mean you have proper balance. Balance is crucial to your golf swing because it dictates how your weight transfers and the tempo of your swing. These 4 key tips will help improve your balance, which will enable you to improve your game.

1) Medications Can Effect Proper Balance

The correct functioning of the inner ear is important for proper balance. Some medications cause what is known as “ear poisoning.” Nearly 1/2 of people taking certain forms of anti-biotics experience the dizzying side effects of “ear poisoning”. Balance can be effected by taking diuretics. Diuretics cause a loss of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, which can cause dizziness and effect balance. Should dizziness persist, be sure to consult a physician. Migraine headaches can affect balance as well.

2) Loosen Up And keep Your Head Still

Keeping your head still during your golf swing is critical for proper balance. When the head moves during the swing, the brain has difficulty keeping the body centered and balanced. Similarly, when muscles are tense, balance is negatively affected. Learning basic stretches, and applying them prior to playing, can help improve balance. In fact, learning some basic Yoga or Pilates, can improve flexibility and improve balance.

3) Try Some Balance Exercises

A very simple, but effective balance exercise, is to close your eyes and stand on 1 leg. The objective is to gradually increase the length of time you can stand without losing balance. Try it, it is harder than it sounds!

Another great way to improve balance is to kick a soccer ball around a backyard obstacle course. Set up some chairs and weave around them while gently kicking the ball. Start off very slowly and gradually pick up your pace. Do not worry about how “good” you look, simply perform at your own pace, and strive for improvement. An improvement in your golf swing is well worth looking a bit awkward.

4) Start Using A Balance Board And/Or an Exercise Ball

To find out about purchasing either a balance board or an exercise ball, simply “Google” in those terms while performing a Google search. Practice sitting for extended periods of time on the exercise ball. Sitting on the ball is excellent for strengthening the core muscles and improving balance. Your posture will improve, too!

The balance board is challenging to use, but using it regularly will greatly improve your center of gravity. A well aligned center of gravity is crucial for your golf swing.

Hopefully, these 4 tips will improve your balance. Just remember, practicing for hours on your golf game will be unproductive if you do not work on improving balance. No other single factor will do more to improve your golf swing.

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