THE MIRACLE SUPPLEMENT for bodybuilders for business ONLY, email: ogiemonster (at) Questions about fitness/bodybuilding? Please make sure I haven’t already answered it in a previous video. If I haven’t – send questions to: flexforall2 (at) 1080p!!! subscribe and LIKE to support… Thanks!!! ;) This is a skit for “A-GT complex”, with natural bodybuilder Matt Ogus at 11 weeks out (from my next competition) my youtube: JR Barthel his youtube: Business email ONLY: [email protected] answers to FAQ’s: supps: whey protein jack3d BCAA’s+creatine blend fish oil CLA organic multivitamin (new chapters) glucosamine (generic brand) USP oxy elite pro… NOW taking A-GT complex by barthelfitness cardio: 2 sessions of 400 calories per week (I normally use stairstepper) 1 day of 10 rounds of sprints (15 seconds F*CKING FAST SPRINTING, 45 seconds walking) (on treadmill or turf) per week. me: 5’6″ training since 15.5 years old. Currently 20. Currently looking for graphic designers- (help make an intro/ending clip to my videos) music artists- (permission to use your music on my videos) photographers – looking to build my portfolio. videographers – short films, etc. anything else, just contact me! ____________________________ ” movement proposition” Kevin Macleod creative commons license: creative commons legal code:

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