The importance of healthy food during workout regime

The importance of healthy food during workout regime

Article by Joaquin Costa

Eating plays an important role when you are doing the work out to maintain yourself. As exercise is done in order to achieve a better health, the eating habits and the food you eat is important as well. You need healthy food both for better health and for the energy to do the exercise more efficiently and regularly.

Whatever type of exercise you have got on your schedule, protein and carbohydrates intake plays an important role to determine the outcome of your efforts. A good mix of both can give you better results. You should also manage the intake of these substances in accordance to the intensity level of your exercise.

The calories intake before the workout is important. For light intensity workout; you should consume around 200 calories an hour before the workout and you can consume between 4,000 and 5000 calories if you are planning to do a high intensity workout.

If you are doing a cardio session you will need a mix of 2/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 protein. This intake is important to keep your muscles from breaking down while you exercise.Resistance sessions will require you to consume a higher amount of carbohydrates as you need more energy during these sessions. You need both energy and resistance against muscle break down and a mixture of 1/3 carbohydrates and 2/3 proteins will help you to achieve both of the goals.

Not only is the pre-meal important but meal that you consume after exercise is also equally important as it will help you to recover the glycogen which is lost during the workout. Glycogen is an important substance for the both the brain and the central nervous system. These rely on the glycogen to work efficiently and if enough glycogen is not present then the muscle tissue will break down to provide usable fuel for the brain.

The body needs different substances after different type of exercise sessions. After resistance exercise your body repairs itself and needs protein to do that. While after cardio sessions your body needs carbohydrates and you can eat within 5-10 minutes. You can get more carbohydrates from rice, oatmeal, whole wheat grains, pasta etc.

After the exercise your body needs proteins to do the repairing work and to give the necessary fuel to the muscle so that it can increase in size or strengthen up. And carbohydrates are mixed with protein because it allows protein to enter into muscle. This is only when protein can synthesize itself into structural protein. Therefore a mix of protein and carbohydrates is important and any one of these will not do the job alone.

When you eat after the resistance exercise your blood will move away from your muscles if you have not waited for enough time. It is important to give time to the blood to do its work as it removes the metabolic wastes from the muscles which will help the repairing process of your body.

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