The Free Weight Loss Exercise Program, a healthier way

The Free Weight Loss Exercise Program, a healthier way

Article by Joel Riley

There is nothing better than loosing weight through a freeweight loss exercise program. It is the most effective andhealthy way to loose weight and would make you feel moreenergetic and active. A free weight loss exercise programshould not promise you to loose weigh fast and rapidly. Ifit encourages and assures you of rapid weigh loss it simplymeans there won’t be long lasting results and can be harmfulfor your health.

Even though the free weigh loss exercise program is slowbut it is worth every effort. Before starting with theregime you must always consult a doctor or a dietician. Thefirst thing you can do is by calculating the calorie intakein every meal. This would help you establish how manycalories you need to actual take and what your currentintake is.

For every man, the minimum daily calories intake should be1600 and for ladies, they should be 1200. The effectivenessof the free weight loss exercise program lies with fact thatyou exercise regularly and control your diet. Such dietshould contain lots of greens and fruits which will provideyou with essential vitamins and minerals.

Once you begin the free weight loss exercise program andstart reducing your calorie intake, you will begin to noticea gradual decrease in weight. Don’t get discouraged;gradual is good.

Our body reacts in a specific manner when you go on astrict starving diet. When such a scenario occurs, we switchto “survival mode”. When this happened, your food intakesare converted to fats for storage. So though you lose weightinitially, the effects are not permanent. But if you staytrue to the free weight loss program, then over time yourwill lose weight and stay healthy as well.

If you try and go on strict diet where you would bestarving yourself, in such a case your body would reactmaking the metabolism slow and would put your body into the’survival mode’ that would convert most of the food that youeat into fat. By doing these strict diets you might looseweigh but you won’t loose the fat content from your body. Ifyou are consistent with your weight loss exercise programthen you would surely loose weight and stay healthy.

Water intake should be adequate. You should have minimum of8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. With healthy diet and byfollowing a strict weight loss program you are bound toloose 3 pounds every week. Loosing weight by exercisingmakes body more effective, fitter and increases yourmetabolism along with the health of your heart, lungs andmuscles.

By doing the free weight loss exercise program you are notonly loosing weight but also ensuring that the lost weightdoesn’t return. To ensure that you are not going to regainthe weight lost, you must continue to exercise and eathealthy food.

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