The Four Deadly Triggers of Psoriasis

The Four Deadly Triggers of Psoriasis

Article by Paul Plucker

When you have psoriasis, you have to be on a constant lookout, trying to avoid the “triggers” that can cause your psoriasis to flare-up out of control. There are four triggers in particular that are known to cause psoriasis outbreaks. So avoid them if you can.

1. Skin Trauma

Skin injury of any kind can lead to psoriasis spreading to the site of injury. People often notice that new patches of psoriasis appear from 10-14 days at the same place that they burnt, cut or punctured their skin!

This is known as the “Koebner phenomenon”, or the “isomorphic response”, after a doctor observed that one of his patients developed skin lesions in the places were his horse bit him. His research in the late 19th century was followed up, and the relationship between new skin trauma and the spread of psoriasis has now been established to occur in 50% of patients.

The types of injury that can cause this including getting a tattoo, getting acupuncture, shaving off your beard, or even sticking Sellotape on your face and then pulling it off… so be careful.

2. Weather – particularly winter

Have you noticed that whenever you go on holiday to a sunny destination, like somewhere in the Mediterranean, that your psoriasis is much better? In contrast, doesn’t it get worse in the winter time?

That’s due to a combination of factors; the stress of buying Xmas presents and organizing everything over winter, the low amount of sunshine during the day (leading to less Vitamin D3 for the skin), and everyone having their indoor heating turned up, which dries the skin up!

Stock up with a lot of moisturizer before winter!

3. Stress

Stress is one of the biggest triggers of psoriasis. From restlessness nights spent worrying about the economy; to anxiety over paying the bills and emotional stress of relationships… it can all play havoc with your skin.

When you’re stressed, your body’s defence systems are weakened and your immune system does not function at its optimum level, leading to your psoriasis becoming worse.

However, the real challenge comes with dealing with stress. So why not try some yoga or meditation? If that doesn’t work, there are other relaxation techniques like listening to music or screaming into a pillow! Whatever you do, find an outlet for your stress if you want your psoriasis to get better.

4. Certain types of infections

Some infections, such as strep throat, have been known to actually cause psoriasis. First you get a sore throat, and then 2 weeks later, you have somehow developed guttate psoriasis! We do not understand why strep throat has this affect in particular, but the affect has been well observed.

Other infections to watch out for include thrush, boils and upper-respiratory virals. Catching one of them doesn’t just mean you’ll need to buy boxes of tissues, but that you skin will be inflamed for days, if not weeks!

Avoid these 4 deadly triggers, and your skin will thank you!

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