The Best Yoga Move to Beat Stress

The Best Yoga Move to Beat Stress

Article by Phil Tucker

People today are stressed out. Living in the city, rushing from one place to the next, trying to take care of families, do well at work, make time for friends, exercise, eat well, balance their budgets, pay their taxes, clean their homes, do homework, study for finals, finish projects, our obligations mount up and soon we can all be overwhelmed. Add the possibility of depression, unhappiness and unfulfillment, and it’s no wonder so many of us are stressed out. However, the ancient art of yoga can help beat stress through its positive message and invigorating practice, and in today’s article we’re going to single out the number one position to help you banish stress from your life.

This yoga pose is known as Child’s Pose, and from its very name we already begin to understand what it intends for us. Like a child, we have to surrender when we assume this pose, relax not just our bodies but our mind, realizing that there is only so much we can control in this world, and that often we simply have to let go and relax.

To enter Child’s Pose, sit back on your heels with the insides of your legs and feet touching. You want to rest your rear on your heels, and then bow forward, lengthening your spine as you press your forehead to the ground or mat and reach as far forward as you can with your hands, arms straight and extended, hands pressing down palms down onto the ground. Rest your forehead lightly on the ground, and close your eyes.

Now you have to focus on relaxing. Begin with your jaw, loosening it and allowing your tongue to drop from the roof of your mouth. Relax your neck, slowly moving your head from side to side, and then the muscles in your hamstrings and calves, the tension in your knees. Allow your body to sink down, and seek to lengthen your spine by walking your hands forward.

Once your body is truly relaxed, still with your eyes closed, begin to focus on your breathing. You need to ensure that each breath is deep, slow, and that you hold it for a beat before exhaling. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, and if possible seek to breathe audibly. Hold Child’s Pose for as long as you like, but we definitely suggest at least a minute to get some benefit.

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