The Best Weight Loss Exercises For A Better You

The Best Weight Loss Exercises For A Better You

Article by Michele Daughtry

How many times have you heard the same things over and over about losing weight? Watch what you eat, drink more water, do more exercise….. As you well know, talking about losing weight and actually losing it are two completely different things. Once you start on a torturous diet that eliminates all the food you love, and spend what seems like hours at the gym pumping away at a machine, the motivation takes about 2 days to sink like a stone. What you want is the best weight loss exercises that will help you lose weight fast and effectively, without having to give up all the food you like to eat, and without exorbitant gym fees. You want the easy way – right?

Well here is the easy way to lose weight with the best weight loss exercises out there. I guarantee that within 2 weeks of doing these exercises every day, you will be feeling totally different about your body and your motivation will be increasing rather than decreasing. Some of these can be done easily at home without having to parade your out-of-condition body through the gym, but others need you to get out and about.


I know this means you have to don your swimsuit and show off your legs, but once you get into the pool nobody can see you, and swimming is one of the best weight loss exercises ever. It burns around 800 calories per hour, which is more than just about any other exercise, and by doing laps up and down the pool you will be toning almost every part of your body.

Step Aerobics

Almost as good as swimming for losing weight and toning your muscles, step aerobics can be done from home or in a class depending on which will keep you more motivated. With hardly any equipment, you can do a wide range of different exercises that specialize in leg and stomach toning (and don’t we all need that!). There are hundreds of sites on the internet that are devoted to step aerobics so you are sure to find a good range of exercises to do.

Exercise Bike

Well of course if you have a real bicycle then it may be more fun, but even an exercise bike can be one of the best weight loss exercises. Burning around 800 calories per hour if you keep the speed up, you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to feel yourself growing stronger. If you invest in a relatively cheap exercise bike and park it in front of the TV, you will hardly know you are exercising!


Walking does not burn as many calories per hour (more in the 300 – 500 calories per hour range) but it can be one of the most motivating exercises of all. Grab your dog (or even someone else’s dog) and head down to the park early in the morning before work and watch how much more energy you will feel in your day.

So don’t let yourself get stressed by the crazy weight loss programs that are little better than torture. Take it easy on yourself, hold onto your goal of losing weight, and find the best weight loss exercises that will keep you doing them for life – not just 2 days!

Michele has been writing articles for health research for the past several years now. Not only does she specialize in well known areas of health, such as diet and fitness, but she also spends time writing about physical health and beauty. You can check out her latest articles on Breast Augmentation Before and After Scenarios as well as more information about what a woman should know concerning the Breast Augmentation Recovery process.

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