The Best Ways for seniors to Prevent Falls

The Best Ways for seniors to Prevent Falls

Article by Maryam Getz

Unfortunately falls are very common for seniors as their ability to control balance decreases with age. Here are a number of ways to prevent falls, both around the home and outdoors and they are worth considering.

If you or a family member is having problem that make you implicated about a fall then the first site to visit is the doctor.

By heading to the doctor’s office you can discover if the balance issue has anything to do with medications. At times assured medications could be working in a way that can direct to problems with balance and movement. Side effects of some medication may also be causing problems. Often by changing the quantity or type of drug to be used will solve the problem.

Modifications can be made to the home of a senior to further protect against falls.

Rugs are an important tripping hazard and where possible should be removed altogether. If carpeting is not an option then rugs can be taped or fixed to the floor, with special care taken to secure edges and corners.

Unfortunately sometimes all it takes is the small increase in floor height of a rug to cause a problem, so remove them if you can.

Involving the senior in regular age-appropriate exercise is also a great way to maintain balance and general health. This can involve simple balancing and light aerobic activities that will assist in keeping the body more agile and able to cope with movement around the home or community. It will also double as a great social activity, and those who attend can share their own tips to maintaining their personal safety.

Another way to protect against falls is by ensuring proper storage of items. If you can, hold everything in easy reach without relying on the aged bending or reaching up high to access. This includes eliminating the use of ladders or steps. Sometimes this is difficult but reaching, using steps and bending with the head low can also get dizziness and lead to falls.

Installing hand rails in showers, bathrooms, toilet areas and anywhere that the senior is required to change their balance and movement, or rely on one leg at a time is a great idea. This will give some added security to the senior and also help in raising or lowering themselves gently.

Bathing can become quite hard and with water added to the site it can be very slippery and high risk for falls. Rails can assist the aged in maintaining some independence in these areas. Shower chairs are also an ideal way to care for against any dizziness or mobility issues when bathing.

Finally, don’t forget about getting the eyes checked once in a while. By heading to the optometrist and getting the vision checked regularly you can discover if this is the cause for any balance issues. Your current glasses may make you woozy if they are not a precise prescription. As well, changes to a person’s vision as they age may explain why a senior doesn’t ‘see’ certain hazards.

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