The Best Stomach Exercise Circuit For Your Best Abs Ever

The Best Stomach Exercise Circuit For Your Best Abs Ever

Article by Suzie Parker

**A flat tummy can be yours if you regularly implement my stomach exercise circuit in your daily life**. In order to develop a nice set of abs, you have to implement two things regularly – the right diet and the right exercise plan. Both of those things are equally important if you want to build lean abs. You have to focus on your diet as well as your exercise regime. You can’t just eat what you want, exercise your bum off and expect to get great abs. The same goes for the reverse.

I will help you to get the exercise right to help you build spectacular abs. These are all the exercises you need to do to ensure that you get hot abs. Let’s have a look at the best stomach exercise you can do for a flat tummy now:

**The best stomach exercise circuit**

Do about 5-10 minutes of light cardio, like walking, as a warm-up, then do one weight training/stomach exercise with one minute of cardio (like below) in between. Repeat this circuit 1-3 times. You can begin with only one repeat and work your way up as you get fitter.


As mentioned above, do one cardio exercise for 1 minute before switching over to one weight training or abs exercise. You can do the same cardio exercise, like stepping on a step or you can vary it and do stepping and jumping, for example.

**Some of the best cardio exercises you can do for your circuit are:**

* Skipping/jumping rope * Jumping jacks * Running up and down stairs * Step-ups on a step * Mountain climbers

#Abs exercises

Do one abs exercise for every one cardio and weight training exercise you have done. Exercising your abs this way is the best way to get flat chiseled abs in no time.

**Excellent stomach exercise you can do to burn away tummy fat includes:**

* The plank * Crunches * The bicycle exercise

#Weight training exercises

Full body weight training exercises will boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat and calories. Do one weight training exercise for every cardio and abs exercise you have done. You may need some weights and a bench for these exercise. You can do them also with bags of sugar and an exercise ball.

Some of the best weight training stomach exercise to do include:

* **For your upper body – Upright row for your back, bicep curls, triceps extensions and shoulder presses. * **For your lower body** – Squats, lunges and calf raises.

Just do this circuit 4-5 times a week and you will soon get the abs of your dreams. Just be persistent and never give up!

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These tips, together with a great workout plan, like, The Bikini Model Program ( are all you need to lose belly fat faser than before. All you have to do is to implement those steps and follow your easy workout program( and you will succeed.

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