The Basics of Yoga

The Basics of Yoga

Article by Gertie And Gord Guide

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that first arrived in the US at the beginning of the 20th century but made its mark in the early 70’s.

Yoga, which essential means mental, physical, and spiritual discipline, was practiced to achieve tranquility and enlightenment but has since taken its place in a more gentle approach to physical fitness.

Today yoga is embraced by many people in all walks of life as a way to stretch muscles, strengthen the body and increase concentration and relaxation. There are many types of yoga to choose from based on personal preferences and physical limitations but they generally use the same techniques in a variety of settings.

Why Yoga

The mind-body connection of this eastern-born exercise is a gaining popularity in the western world for its ability to help us find inner control. It has also become a recommended source of activity that provides a gentle approach to increased flexibility and core strength with its gentle poses and non aggressive movements.

Yoga is ideal for any body type and can be a great source of exercise for those where regular aerobic exercise is not an option. From pregnant women to seniors that are less mobile, yoga can be modified and a routine can be adapted for any physical restriction with great results.

All yoga poses require balance, and concentration is the primary focus when it comes to achieving balance. By repeating a series of movements and holding poses, muscles are gently stretched and range of motion is expanded.

By adding structured breathing a rhythm is developed where movement and poses flow from one into one another increasing heart rate without the impact on joints associated with aerobic activity.

Where To Start

Speaking with your primary care physician is the first step when considering yoga and finding a licensed Yogi is vital when it comes to learning this new skill. There are classes available in yoga studios, community’s centers, and local fitness clubs for all levels. There are even yoga routines on TV and online that you can follow once you have learned the basic positions.

As a beginner, schedule several sessions with a qualified instructor to learn the proper posture while holding positions and how to modify breathing for best results. Once you master the techniques, you can practice your routine anywhere and at anytime.

Yoga is a strenuous exercise that can get you in shape without the of potential injury from more physical regimes. It offers a terrific workout with the added bonus of achieving a sense of calmness and control.

It has become a way of reducing stress and increasing health and overall wellness with a gentleness that once learned, can be practiced for years no matter what health issues may arise.

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