The A-TEAM Playground Workout! OK, I admit it….I watched the A-TEAM growing up and I loved it. The best part about these guys was that they always seemed to find a way to work out of every difficult situation by being resourceful and using their elements to get the job done. Inspired by this, I wanted to dedicate a workout to MY “A” Team…Team AthLEAN and put together a bodyweight only workout that they could do virtually anywhere (or in this case at any playground) to get in the best workout possible without compromise. Thus, the AthLEAN-X A-TEAM Playground Workout. Utilizing monkey bars to do muscleups, pullups, dips, killer ab combinations, and “X” man crunches, this workout is designed to push you to your limits. Will you quit? When you’re done mastering this A-Team workout, make sure you head over to http and get your complete 90 day training system that can transform you into the a real BA in just weeks! Get ripped, build lean muscle and get ready to be on Team AthLEAN!

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