Taoist Yoga Closing Body Massage

Master Pan Shaozu (alias Xuantong zi), born 1923, from Gansu Province, China,is deeply versed in Taoist and Buddhist health preserving disciplines, as well as various martial practices. Apparently, at nearly 90 years of age he can still competently swing a heavy broadsword! Even if you do not believe in chi, this is a great way to close any exercise or meditation routine – martial arts, chikung/qigong, yoga, etc. It gets the blood circulating all around the body and gradually brings the various organs to a state whereby they are functioning ‘normally’ again. Notice he spends a lot of time on the area where the back of the head meets the neck. The acupressure points at this location can be massaged to counter depression. For a more rigourous massage, closed fists can be used while keeping the wrists loose, instead of the open palms. More pressure can be applied as desired, also, but be careful on the areas with fragile or smaller bones.

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