Facial Yoga Exercises : “U” Vowel Sound in Facial Yoga

Exploring vowel sounds is a great facial yoga exercise. Learn how to practice the “U” vowel sound in this free facial yoga video. Expert: Fran Dukehart Bio: Fran Dukehart has been teaching and learning body movement for over 30 years. Filmmaker: Patrick EavesVideo Rating: 5 / 5

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Three components of Sound Weight Control

Three components of Sound Weight Control Article by David Bunch We start our work from dawn to dusk without t giving proper attention to our health for proper health Three components of Sound Weight Control must be followed our day must start with exercise which is the first […]

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Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : The H Sound Vocal Exercise

Learn what the h sound vocal exercise is and how it is effective with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip. Expert: Larissa Lam Bio: Larissa Lam has almost 20 years of professional singing experience and has studied under top vocal coaches in LA. She has coached various singers […]

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