Surviving Your Weight Loss Exercise Program

Surviving Your Weight Loss Exercise Program

Article by Jeff McDougall

If you are new to exercise and have decided to start a fitness regime in order to lose some weight, you may find that although calories are being burned, losing weight you ain’t. Until you know more about it, this may cause you some concern.

When you first start to exercise, your muscles will often swell, and make your clothes feel tight, the opposite of what you intended, but it usually settles down after a few sessions as your muscles attune to the new demands.

Then to your horror upon the scales you find that your weight has increased but don’t panic because that is simply your muscles increasing in genuine bulk as they build up with your exercise routines. Weight loss will be occurring, and body fat will be lost, but you might find that your weight goes up and down which might be due to water being lost and replaced. What you need to focus on, more than loss of weight, is a general reduction in your size, which you can check with a measuring tape. Although at first you won’t lose too much weight you will start to take on a new shape.

The muscles may also become a little stiff and sore, but it is necessary to work through this and maintain your exercise program, and relief can be obtained by soaking in a tub and adding mineral salts to the water, or having a hot shower. Plan to get a lot of sleep, and plan for relaxation and twinges in your muscles will not seem as bad. Muscles thrive on exercise, so it won’t be very long before your muscles feel toned and trim – and all these problems will be a thing of the past

Other problems that you might encounter are that you haven’t eaten much food all day and feel that you need food to exercise, and eating just before exercise is not a good thing to do. Your circulation is diverted to your digestive system to assist the processing of the food, meaning that your general circulation is not ready for exercise, and this can lead to you feeling nauseous or having muscle cramps.

You need to leave some time before eating and doing your exercise.

Some people worry that the exercise they do will make them feel ravenously hungry so that it will be harder to maintain a diet of mainly low calorie food. The benefits of exercise are to stimulate your digestion, but doing some exercise rarely leads to an increase in appetite if you are already enjoying your food. In fact, regular exercise helps pass food more quickly through your digestive tract, so it has less time to absorb excess food. If you should feel hungry between scheduled meals, then snacking on fruit or vegetables will do your diet no harm. And one more thing in this tale of woe, before you start to exercise, make sure that you go to the loo, man was never designed to exercise when his bladder is full.

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