Surf and Yoga Retreats for Women

Surf and Yoga Retreats for Women

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Overworked? Lost Direction? No Energy? – Sound Familiar?Many women today work to hard, as they have many roles to fill. It seems women have lost their radiance as their wisdom and strength is silenced by the chao’s of everyday life.

Imagine your skin is sun kissed and glowing, you feel full of life and vitality and your laughing as you play in mother natures best playground – the ocean.. If this sounds like your ideal escape then you need to look no further than a Surf and Yoga

Surf and Yoga retreats are becoming very popular due to there laid back and welcoming atmosphere, however the retreats will give you the challenges, space and opportunity to embrace and explore your inner sanctum.

The beautiful days are usually set in a pristine and nurturing environment, which will help awaken your Mind, Body and Soul and set you on your own path of Women’s Discovery. Do a retreat for you and make it your OWN. The retreats are designed for women of all ages and fitness levels.

You will find that most programs are all inclusive and cover activities such as daily surf and yoga lessons and delicious, healthy, fresh meals.

The retreats destinations are generally known for their chilled out ambience. The accomadation that you stay in is usually within close walking distance or even beach side to some of the worlds most pristine beaches.

Whether your desire is to learn something new, make new friends, find a new path of peace and serenity, you will find that a Surf and Yoga retreat will cover it all.

The retreats are generally women only and have a strong femine power and presence. It is a safe haven to come and reconnect and become one with nature. You will be given plenty of spare time to regain your balance and find your inner bliss. The program will evoke your inner goddess and have you glowing with health.

Expect to feel renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated.


Surfing is a connection to nature. It’s a form of self-expression that can be both exhilarating and humbling. When you’re surfing, you’re out in the fresh air and sunshine, increasing your muscle tone, cardiovascular health, confidence, mental clarity and general wellbeing. Surfing and yoga are complementary activities: Both strengthen your body, quiet and focus your mind, and make you feel fully alive and in the moment. Both build flexibility, balance, focus, and endurance. Both can be spiritual and meditative.

Reasons why you should learn to surf…..

Surfing will make you glow as you go with the flow of mother nature whether you have just rode the glassy face of a wave or stood up for the first time, the feeling is pure bliss and will leave you smiling from the inside out…

Surfing brings you at one with nature, its just a conversation between the ocean and you – nature talks to you through the wind blowing in your hair , the water splashing gently on your skin, the sun radiating its warmth on your skin, the smell of the fresh ocean air and the noise of the waves crashing and birds chattering…it is a very grounding experience and a great chance to meditate and get clarity in life

Surfing is pure indulgence and so simple….its a great way to get fit and tone and sculpt your body…….and it only takes a surfboard and some waves

Surfing teaches us about surfings other sister Patience – in a world that is built on control its nice to surrender to mother nature and just go with the flow and wait for the wave to roll in on its own time…

When you find a quiet beach and out on the ocean alone it is at these times that surfing will soothe your soul -it will quieten your mind, give you a chance to reflect and allow the answers to everyday questions come into your head – it will put your everyday life into perfect perspective…

Surfing will build your confidence as you ride into the unknown, it is an amazing personal discovery – you will endure the strength to be able to handle lifes adversitys….

Surfing is humbling….you may get a perfect effortless ride or you may get the whipping of your life….you soon realise that there is a power higher than you – its mother nature…it gives you an appreciation for the oceans power and lets you see it in all its moods… can never control the ocean, the best you can hope for is to be able to play in it…..

All our surf lessons are conducted by accreditated surf instructors that provide a non competitive and relaxing environment


Yoga and meditation classes are suitable for all levelsThe yoga program would have been designed so that each yoga and meditation session allows you to truly take time out to reconnect through the mind, the body and soul. They would have been tailored to complement your surfing program and restore balance to the body before and after active days out in the sun and water.

Yoga is inclusive to everyone no matter what your fitness level. The classes will be suitable for all levels of experience from beginners to advanced, yoga instructors will adapt poses to suit your ability.

Yoga complements surfing perfectly as it works on your flexibility, balance and strength. The postures in the sessions will focus on the muscles that you will be using to surf. This is to help you get the most out of your surfing experience.

It’s a great way to reconnect with your senses, restore your tired muscles and cleanse the body of toxins – and is a key part of the wellbeing program…

So if this sounds like your next holiday…check out the companies that offer this retreat…I promise you that you will not regret it…

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